室蘭工業大学の公益通報窓口・研究不正等申立窓口業務の継続|MIT’s Compliance Consultation Point: Our Commitment Remains Unwavering

今回、Muroran Institute of Technology(以下「MIT」と称します)との契約を更新いたしました。我々は引き続き、MITにおいて公益通報や研究不正に関する外部連絡窓口としての役割を果たします。

We have renewed our contract with the Muroran Institute of Technology (“MIT”) to continue serving as their designated external contact point for whistleblowing and research misconduct allegations.

As a trusted liaison, we remain dedicated to providing a secure and confidential platform for individuals to report any concerns or misconduct they may encounter at MIT.

We are sincerely grateful to MIT for entrusting us with this critical responsibility. Moving forward, we look forward to contributing to the promotion of ethical practices and academic excellence within their institution.