新型コロナウイルス感染拡大を受けたテレワークの実施について|Adopting Teleworking Measures Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak




In light of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, our firm has taken proactive measures by adopting teleworking arrangements during specific hours. Kindly be informed that while teleworking, calls made to our office number (011-200-9385) will be redirected to either Mr. Hashida’s mobile phone or one of our dedicated staff members, depending on the situation.

For clients who have entered into an advisory contract with us, we provide the convenience of reaching out directly to Mr. Hashida’s mobile phone using the provided number. Additionally, we encourage the utilization of email and chat tools such as Chatwork and LINE for any necessary communication.

We are committed to ensuring uninterrupted services and remain readily available to assist you in this challenging time.