国際商事仲裁で専門家証人として証言しました。|Hashida testified in international commercial arbitration as an expert witness.

当事務所代表弁護士は、2021年11月10日、国際商事仲裁(欧州企業 対 日本企業)の証人審問手続において安全保障輸出管理に関する法令の専門家証人として証言を行いました。



On November 10 2021, Mr Hashida testified as an expert witness on export control laws and regulations in a hearing of international commercial arbitration (European company vs Japanese company).

Although asked by a European company to testify, as an expert on export control laws and regulations, Mr Hashida provided testimony on the points in dispute, which were complicated and complex to comprehend from an objective point of view.

Our firm provides legal services based on our expertise in export control laws and regulations, including providing professional advice regarding those laws and regulations, organizing Compliance Programs mandatory under certain conditions, and planning to establish export control systems.