外国人技能実習制度に係る外部監査人の講習修了(Hashida Successfully Completed Training for External Auditor Qualification)





As evidenced by the certificate of completion, Mr. Hashida recently completed the training for external auditors of supervising organizations regarding Technical Intern Training for foreigners.

Our firm is among a select few in Hokkaido that focuses intensively on services related to Technical Intern Training, Specified Skilled Workers, and other foreign labor issues. Beyond application processes, the greatest benefit of engaging our legal services is our ability to swiftly and effectively address legal disputes as a lawyer. This includes resolving issues between host companies and supervisory organizations, conflicts between workers and their host companies, and internal problems within those companies.

We are open to inquiries for external auditor services, legal consultancy, or individual dispute resolution from technical intern supervisory organizations and registered support organizations for specified skilled workers. Please feel free to contact us by phone at 011-200-9385 or via email at hashida(at)hashida-law.com. We look forward to assisting you with our specialized knowledge and experience to resolve your challenges.